What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali, also known as eurycoma longifolia, is a type of traditional medicine that has been used for centuries for its unique properties. Studies have shown that tongkai ali may be effective at increasing someone’s libido while also strengthening their muscles and reducing stress. As a result, it’s been touted as a potential treatment for men who experience erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali could increase sex drive

Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali is associated with the increase of testosterone levels. This is a hormone that regulates sexual desire, also known as libido, in both men and women. The exact mechanism of how it works is currently unknown, but researchers have proposed a number of ideas. This includes the stimulation of Leydig cells in the testes that produce testosterone, or the inhibition of estrogen.

It’s also been suggested that Tongkat Ali could potentially have an impact on cortisol regulation. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can negatively impact our sex drive, but Tongkat Ali appears to be able to lower it. This may contribute to reduced stress levels and enhancing our libido.

Lastly, Tongkat Ali also appears to have adaptogenic properties. This means that it can help the body adapt to stress in order to improve our overall mood and better energy levels. Both of these values can boost our sexual desire.

There is scientific evidence to support these claims as well. An article covering Tongkat Ali by Healthline shows that it has a number of mood and hormone regulation benefits. There’s also a study posted on PubMed Central that researches the effect of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state. The paper concluded that daily supplementation with Tongkat Ali root improves stress hormone profile and mood parameters. This suggests that it could be an effective way to shield the body from the effects of chronic stress.

However, while a lot of this research is positive, it’s important to remember that Tongkat Ali has yet to be fully studied. As such its effectiveness isn’t guaranteed, but there is no doubt that it carries many positive benefits and may be an effective solution for erectile dysfunction.

It’s also worth noting that an increased sex drive doesn’t always solve the underlying issues of erectile dysfunction. The condition is complicated and there are many different factors that can influence it. More specifically, the physiological aspects of erectile dysfunction, such as blood flow or nerve damage, likely won’t change by taking Tongkat Ali. However, the psychological aspects of the condition, such as stress and anxiety, could be treated with the use of the supplement.

What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali?

Let’s cover the main advertised benefits of Tongkat Ali.

What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali

Increased libido

As explained above, Tongkat Ali could potentially boost your sex drive. Again, this might not directly improve your erectile dysfunction, but may help to improve performance while treating some of the underlying psychological effects of the condition. This has also helped it gain a reputation as a natural aphrodisiac.

Testosterone levels

Research indicates that Tongkat Ali could potentially increase testosterone levels. This important hormone regulates many aspects of our health and male growth. Studies have shown that regular consumption of Tongkat Ali results in 15% higher levels of testosterone and 34% increase in free testosterone.

Athletic performance

Tongkat Ali is often used as a pre-workout drink by bodybuilders, MMA fighters, and other sports enthusiasts. This is likely linked to the increased energy and testosterone levels as a result of consuming it. Some people also use it for endurance-based sports because the increased testosterone levels can help reduce muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

Stress control

Evidence suggests that Tongkat Ali may have adaptogenic properties, meaning it’s capable of helping the body adapt to stress. It’s also been suggested that Tongkat Ali could influence cortisol levels, which is a hormone that is used to regulate stress.

Anti-inflammatory effects

A study titled Anti-Inflammatory, Antinociceptive, Antipyretic, and Gastroprotective Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack Ethanolic Extract examined the anti-inflammatory properties of Tongkat Ali. It concluded that the herbal supplement had medicinal potential for the development of phytomedicines with anti-inflammatory properties. The study also mentioned its widespread use as a traditional medicine in some parts of the world.

It’s important to note that while there are many benefits to using Tongkat Ali, studies are still limited and further research will be needed to unequivocally label it as a positive supplement.

Is Tongkat Ali be right for me?

Your healthcare provider should be the first person you consult regarding a herbal supplement such as Tongkat Ali. This is because while it has been shown to produce some positive results, it’s still unclear whether or not it’s capable of fully treating someone’s erectile dysfunction. Your healthcare provider will be able to assess your overall health and talk about your symptoms to determine if Tongkat Ali is an appropriate option for you.

Is Tongkat Ali be right for me

Here are a couple of things for you to consider before taking it:

Pre-existing health conditions may affect it

Before taking any kind of herbal supplement, it’s important to consider pre-existing health conditions as they could be exacerbated. There are multiple side effects associated with Tongkat Ali that may affect you, such as lead poisoning if too much is taken over a short period of time. Others have reported side effects that are common to many other drugs, such as headaches, nausea, or even vomiting. While many of these side effects aren’t inherently dangerous, they could be caused by issues that will make pre-existing conditions worse.

So before taking a herbal supplement such as Tongkat Ali for erectile dysfunction, it’s always better to be safe than sorry by discussing it with your healthcare provider.

Response to herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are often used when people arhttps://tongkat.co/how-to-take/how-long-before-tongkat-ali-starts-to-work/e dissatisfied with conventional treatment options. For instance, if your current treatment plan for erectile dysfunction isn’t working very well, then you may want to consider alternative treatment options such as herbal supplements. Since these are generally considered to be safe alternatives, it doesn’t hurt to try it in conjunction with your conventional medication (if it’s assumed to be safe) or as an alternative.

However, people often have different responses to supplements. Tongkat Ali may work for some people, and it may have little to no effect on other people. Its ability to increase sex drive and boost testosterone levels isn’t universally established, so it could end up doing nothing positive for someone.

Dosage and quality

Tongkat Ali can be taken in many different ways. It’s sold in capsule form, served as a drink, or can even be eaten as a gummy. Some people like to buy products that can be consumed immediately, while others purchase it as a powder to add it to various edible goods or drinks. These different forms of Tongkat Ali will have different purities and qualities, and they can also be absorbed differently in the body.

As an example, Tongkat Ali gummies can help mask its bitter taste, they’re convenient to eat when you need to take a dosage, and you don’t need water. However, making something into a gummy adds extra ingredients like sweeteners and preservatives, so this may be unsuitable for certain people. On the other hand, tablets can also offer a controlled dosage in a convenient package, but the absorption time is a lot longer since it needs to dissolve in your stomach.

In short, Tongkat Ali can be suitable for lots of people to take, but it may have different effects on different people and it’s vital to consult a healthcare professional about the correct dosage. You have to balance it like any other supplement to ensure you get the potential benefits while also avoiding the negative side effects.

Summary of Tongkat Ali for erectile dysfunction

  • Can boost libido and sexual function due to the increase in testosterone levels.
  • Improved sex drive may help with the underlying psychological effects of erectile dysfunction.
  • Studies show a potential 15% increase in total testosterone and a 34% increase in free testosterone with regular consumption.
  • Is also used by athletes to boost energy levels, reduce muscle fatigue, and slow exhaustion in various sports.
  • Contains adaptogenic properties, helping the body adapt to stress.
  • Could influence cortisol levels which regulate stress.
  • May contain anti-inflammatory properties.
Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

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