How do people who have used Tongkat Ali think it has helped?

Increased strength, energy, lean muscle growth, and more.

Tongkat Ali: The Proposed Benefits

Eurycoma longifolia, or Tongkat Ali, is a flowering plant found in Southeast Asia (primarily in Indonesia and Malaysia). Bioactive compounds including quassinoids, alkaloids, and triterpene are located in the roots of the tree and have been used for centuries in the countries of its origin.

Primarily known as an aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali is most associated with producing heightened levels of testosterone and free testosterone. Possible health benefits include;

  • Increased libido and sex drive,
  • Improved sperm count and motility,
  • Increased lean muscle growth,
  • Faster fat loss,
  • Reduced anxiety and stress,
  • Improved athletic stamina,
  • Reduced erectile dysfunction,
  • Increased cognitive function,
  • Defense against cancer and malaria,
  • Anti-ageing for the skin.

Despite its traditional use in Asian cultures, the herb extract only made its way to the Western world around the turn of the century and has since seen a rapid increase in popularity. 

What Do The Experts Say About Tongkat Ali’s Capabilities?

Tongkat Ali has been discussed by a growing number of experts in the fields of human heath biohacking, and supplementations. Highly renowned neuroscientist Dr Andrew Huberman Ph. D has been one of its biggest advocates, including it in his own daily routine. His most significant points are;

  • Daily Tongkat Ali supplements can raise testosterone by 100-200 points1 for general use rather than athletic performance. 
  • Advised volume of 400mg daily, to be taken as a single or split dose depending on the desired results.
  • Ideally to be taken before noon, or at least before 2 pm, when taken for testosterone-boosting capabilities.  
  • Suggests boosted testosterone could help with erectile dysfunction, reduced testicle size, reduced semen levels, mood swings, and insomnia.

Scientific Studies On The Effect Of Tongkat Ali

While more extensive scientific studies are needed to verify the benefits of Tongkat Ali, preliminary animal and human studies have found several indications, as detailed below;

  • One three-month study into 75 couples2 with fertility issues found that 14 (18%) fell pregnant after taking the supplement daily.
  • Research into how Tongkat Ali may alter moods3 found that participants saw a decline in their feelings of anger (12%), confusion (15%), and tension (11%).
  • A clinical trial4 into male and female seniors highlights a positive correlation between taking Tongkat Ali and increased levels of free testosterone.
  • Animal studies5 indicate that it Tongkat Ali can boost sex drive, which has been supported by preliminary human research.
  • Clinical research6 suggests a strong link between Tongkat Ali and relieved symptoms of erectile dysfunction, due to increased free testosterone.
  • One study7 found that men taking the supplement alongside regular exercise saw their waistline shrink and fat mass decline.

Tongkat Ali Proof From People Who Have Used It


Pigmie, a popular YouTuber with over 3.15 million subscribers, underwent a 30-day trial of Tongkat Ali supplements. His test focused on;

  • Consuming a 400mg full root extract tablet.
  • Taken for six days a week throughout the 30-day course.
  • Consumed before a meal.

The fitness influencer, who is in his early 30s, expressed a belief that it generated an energy boost within three hours of taking the first tablet. By day five, he felt a significant increase in cognitive performance and general feelings of being himself – cited as one of the chief reasons he started the process.

While an increased sense of well-being, focus, and stable energy were the first things noted, he also felt that verbal communication had improved in clarity. He also experienced enhanced listening.

The second week of the cycle is when Pigmie felt an increase in energy levels, with the biggest change coming courtesy of an ability to hold intensity for longer. He also noted that the energy increase felt stable rather than “jittery” as often experienced with caffeine and other stimulants. He also noted that post-workout soreness significantly decreased. 

Having felt improvements early on, week three is when the influencer started to see noticeable changes in his physique and body composition. Notably, he felt leaner and more muscular while stubborn body fat shredded off him. While already in good shape before, the supplement supported the development of a more athletic body image.

Rather than citing it as a magic fat loss pill, the influencer believes that the increased energy and feelings of wellness facilitated increased exercise and caloric output without consuming more calories. 

Don Verb

Aged 41, American Don Verb completed a six-week trial of taking daily Tongkat Ali supplements from AKARALI. The 200mg tablets were taken in conjunction with moderate weight training. The before and after results are impressive.

The six-week trial was incorporated into a larger fitness plan that lasted six months. During this time, he lost a total of over 60 lbs. While this occurred over the whole process, he noted that fat was lost more quickly when taking the daily supplement. 

As well as shredding fat at a rapid pace, Verb grew lean muscle – making the 60lb total loss even more impressive – all over his body, including in previous areas. He recalled a muscular bump in the calves and biceps while the muscle growth also translated to better workouts. Measurable improvements in weight loads and total reps were combined with increased positivity.

Noticeable changes in fat percentage and lean muscle also resulted in facial shape changes including increased jawline definition. In addition to improvements to his appearance, Verb also noted;

  • Healthy sleep habits,
  • Improvements to his mood,
  • Faster facial hair growth – linked to testosterone,
  • Increased energy throughout the day,
  • Improvements in physical fitness,
  • Better recovery times.

The Nootropic Reviewer

Another popular influencer who specializes in medicinal substances that impact cognitive function and brain power is The Nootropic Reviewer. His review came after around two months of taking Tongkat Ali each morning in a 200mg powder form.

The biggest change noted was to his cognitive function and testosterone levels. He felt that he could continue to perform with a little less sleep (6 or 6.5 hours per night) with his increased energy levels being sustained even when eating fewer calories.

His heightened testosterone levels were also noticeable in the gym and other areas of life, such as sexual drive, although not backed up by measurements. The Nootropic Reviewer advocated the natural aspects while stating it boosted energy, mental sharpness, and hormonal balance far beyond his expectations.

He did also note that taking it without calories left him feeling irritable, thus advising others to take it with a meal.

The Results Of Tongkat Ali Consumption

  • Tongkat Ali has helped several users improve their body compositions.
  • The supplement may help boost fertility and sexual health too.
  • Some benefits may be seen within days while others take months,
  • Results also seem to be dependent on the user’s lifestyle habits,
  • Dosage requirements are influenced by the individual and intended goals.
Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

Dr. Adil is a seasoned medical writer, researcher, and physician with extensive publications in top medical journals. Holding an MBBS, BSc, and FCPS-1, he excels in medical writing and patient care. Certified as a Registered Practitioner, Medical Writer, and Peer-Reviewer, he stays current with the latest medical advancements.