What male sexual health benefits does Tongkat Ali offer?

Studies suggest increased libido, pleasure, function, and fertility.

Tongkat Ali: The Southeast Asian Sexual Health Herb Extract

Originating from Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam), the Tongkat Ali flowering plant is one that has been used for many centuries. Scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia, it has played a significant role in the continent’s history of traditional medicine – not least due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

root extract

However, the rare flowering plant’s name also translates from the Malay language to mean “Ali’s walking stick”, highlighting the long-held belief that it can boost sexual health and libido. 

While the plant can grow to 15 meters, its potent compounds are found in the roots. They include eurycomanone, eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, and eurycomanol.

Tongkat Ali is an herbal extract that is deemed safe for daily consumption in quantities of up to 600mg (sometimes higher for purposes like bodybuilding) readily available from hypermarkets like Walmart as well as dedicated health stores. While capsules are the most popular option, tea and powder variants exist.

The Science Of Tongkat Ali & Testosterone Production

The proposed sexual health benefits of daily Tongkat Ali extract consumption are primarily linked to testosterone production. One study found that the rare herb increases testosterone status by an average of 37%, with both men and women seeing significant benefits. More importantly, the rate of free testosterone levels can increase by several hundred percent.

While statistical analysis into the “how” is limited, it is suggested that eurycomanone increases the production of androgen precursors while it also stops the enzyme aromatase, which is responsible for turning testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, it is increasingly accepted as a natural testosterone booster that increases testosterone levels in the blood.

Further research, although inconclusive, also supports the “possible use of E. longifolia supplementation for enhancing testosterone production”. While many studies have focused on improvements for people with low testosterone levels, candidates outside of this demographic may also benefit from the impacts – not least in relation to sexual health.

Proposed Sexual Health Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

Increased Libido

Tongkat Ali is often referred to as “nature’s potent aphrodisiac”. It has been the main source of study. While controlled trials are still somewhat limited, meaning the mechanisms aren’t fully understood, it is commonly stated that quassinoids are the most relevant active compound in this regard.

Increased libido is reported in both male and female candidates, with sex drives seeing an improvement in both frequency and intensity. Enhanced sexual desire may also be partly due to some of the other sexual health benefits, in addition to general hormonal balances, and the confidence that this gains. 

Psychological rewards are also cited as a possible contributing factor. One study on mice highlighted the increased release of dopamine, as well as testosterone boosting, for restored libido. 

Sex drive stimulation is one of the traditional uses with anecdotal evidence heavily supporting the limited scientific research. 

Improved Fertility 

It is claimed that testosterone-boosting capabilities may also enhance male fertility. While further research is needed into the matter, one clinical study found that 14 couples from a focus group of 75 who had previously struggled with infertility fell pregnant following a three-month course of Tongkat Ali supplements. 

Both human and animal studies have also indicated that Tongkat Ali supplements lead to increased semen volumes, sperm count, sperm viability, and sperm motility. This ultimately means having healthier sperm and a better chance of high fertility rates.

Tongkat Ali’s fertility-enhancing capabilities have largely been studied in connection to people with low semen volumes. This includes aging men and people with testosterone deficiency syndrome or hypogonadism. While not yet used medically in this way, Tongkat Ali supplements have been proposed as a possible treatment to avoid testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Eurycoma longifolia can also be safely used with other supplements like Maca, another root extract (from Peru) that supports fertility, libido, and sexual health. 

Removed Erectile Dysfunction

Nearly 1 in 5 American men aged 20 or above experience erectile dysfunction (ED). This may be characterized as being unable to get an erection, being unable to get one when needed, or being unable to maintain it. 

Scientific analysis concedes that far more evidence is needed but does indicate a potential “clinical effect on erectile function” when individuals take daily Tongkat Ali supplements. Given the proposed other benefits, the herb extract may tackle several underlying causes of ED, including;

  • High blood pressure,
  • Using certain medications,
  • Anxiety and depression,
  • Sexual anxiety,
  • Stress,
  • Being overweight,
  • Knowing you have low sperm counts.

Erectile dysfunction is also regularly caused by cellular damage caused by free radicals. The flavonoids, alkaloids, and other antioxidant compounds found in Tongkat Ali may combat this issue and fight ED. 

Studies show that the best results are found when Tongkat Ali is integrated into a healthier lifestyle that additionally includes physical activity. However, it is suggested that both erection time (100-150% improvement) and erection strength (40% improvement) may be achieved.

Enhanced Sexual Function

Overcoming erectile dysfunction lays a foundation for better sexual function, but there are several contributing factors. Male sexual function cycle is broken down into four areas;

  • Excitement, 
  • Plateau, 
  • Orgasm, 
  • Resolution.

Improvements to libido (excitement), erectile dysfunction (plateau), and fertility (orgasm) all help. All three will contribute heavily to overall function and satisfaction, impacting the duration and overall pleasure. The resolution is when the body returns to normal function. The anti-inflammatory properties reduce the refractory period, which means you can have a second sexual cycle sooner.

An increase in free testosterone can be seen within four weeks and will improve sexual performance. The psychological benefits that lead to improved sexual enjoyment and relaxation may arrive sooner.

Improved General Wellness

Sexual health is underpinned by general health. In other words, sexual desire and sexual performance see a dramatic decline when overall wellness is low. 

Tongkat Ali supplements propose many potential benefits, including;

  • Improved athletic performance,
  • Faster weight loss,
  • Reduced blood pressure,
  • Alleviated stress,
  • Reduced anxiety symptoms,
  • Anti-inflammation,
  • Better sleep,
  • More positive moods.

In addition to the direct physical and mental benefits, general wellness translates to increased libido and improved sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali & Women’s Sexual Health

Tongkat Ali’s sexual health benefits aren’t limited to men. Women may also experience restored libido and sexual desire. 

Moreover, research shows potential benefits for women who are in the menopause or close to entering it. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglyceride levels may improve while hot flashes may reduce in frequency and potency. 

Safety Advice For Taking Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a natural extract but can pose complications for anyone with high blood pressure or liver problems. Some products on the market contain high levels of mercury or lead, which may cause problems when consumed in high quantities. Ordering high-quality Tongkat Ali supplements is the best way to prevent this.

Anyone using Tongkat Ali for the first time should not exceed 600mg daily. When used for sexual health purposes, a 200mg-400mg dose should suffice while 200mg is enough when focusing solely on sperm motility. It should be noted that it may take up to four weeks for the benefits of increased testosterone to show.

Clinical studies tend to look at continuous daily consumption, but many experts advise alternating the weeks or incorporating a week break at least once every 1-2 months. This can help avoid the threat of developing a tolerance to testosterone-boosting compounds.

Tongkat Ali For Sexual Health: The Takeaways

  • Positively linked to increased testosterone production and availability.
  • May boost sperm count, viability, and mobility.
  • May combat erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance.
  • Known to be a powerful aphrodisiac that boosts libido and sexual instinct.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other sexual health supplements.
  • May additionally improve general health benefits.
Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

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