Tongkat Ali is thought to improve sleep rhythms and energy levels upon waking. 

Does Tongkat Ali Improve Sleep?

Tongkat Ali (or Eurycoma Longifolia) is a herbal medicinal plant that’s native to Southeast Asia. Tongkat Ali supplements have been found to promote sleep quality in a variety of ways. Studies have revealed that Tongkat Ali particularly increases REM and non-REM sleep duration. Tongkat Ali can also help to reduce the time that it takes to get to sleep (sleep latency). Studies into the reasons for this are ongoing, but experts believe that Tongkat Ali may aid sleep by boosting testosterone. This is because low testosterone levels have previously been linked to lower sleep efficiency.

The most recent studies have revealed that Tongkat Ali also improves sleep rhythms and delta power, which is the deepest level of sleep. This is thought to happen because Tongkat Ali lowers core body temperature (CBT) due to the ingestion of amino acids during sleep. This means that Tongkat Ali can significantly improve overall sleep quality. 

The ongoing use of Tongkat Ali throughout the day is also thought to reduce stress levels and improve a user’s mood. This can aid in better, more restful periods of sleep over time. 

Can I Take Tongkat Ali Before Bed?

Yes. Taking Tongkat Ali before bed can lead to significantly better sleep for the majority of users. Individuals should aim to consume a recommended dose of Tongkat Ali around 15 minutes before going to bed. The only exception to this rule is if an individual is naturally inclined towards insomnia after the consumption of things like caffeine products. In this instance, you should take Tongkat Ali no later than 5 pm to ensure quality sleep. 

Does Tongkat Ali Cause Drowsiness? 

Tongkat Ali is a supplement that’s known for its testosterone-boosting, energizing benefits. Unlike many traditional sleep aids, Tongkat Ali’s stimulant properties mean that consumption before bed will not leave users drowsy upon waking.

Increased energy levels throughout the day are a primary benefit of taking Tongkat Ali before bed. This is because of the digestion of Tongkat Ali during the sleep cycle. After 6-8 hours of sleep, users should wake up feeling fresh, energized, and free from any drowsiness or brain fog. 

Human Studies

More research is needed to fully understand how Tongkat Ali improves sleep. However, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests a wealth of potential sleep benefits. The largest studies into this matter include – 

A study of 60 individuals experiencing symptoms of insomnia200mg of Tongkat Ali daily over four weeksImproved sleep onset, total sleep time, and sleep efficiency according to a standardized sleep questionnaire. Insomnia symptoms also reduced
A study of 50 men experiencing stress and insomnia200mg of Tongkat Ali daily over four weeksLower stress levels and higher sleep quality, as well as earlier sleep onset and longer sleep duration

Tongkat Ali and Sleep Duration

Taking 1 capsule of Tongkat Ali (200mg or less) just 15 minutes before going to bed has not been found to cause any significant disruption to sleep duration. In fact, by lowering CBT, Tongkat Ali can improve sleep duration when taken regularly before bed. Because of this, Japanese scientists have filed for a patent to use Tongkat Ali as a sleep-improving agent. 

Not only does Tongkat Ali not impact sleep duration, but it’s recommended that users ensure at least 6-8 hours of sleep to feel the full benefits of taking Tongkat Ali before bed. After this period, the testosterone boosting benefits of Tongkat Ali will ensure that users wake up feeling even more energized than they normally would from any reasonable sleep duration. 

Tongkat Ali and Sleep Disorders

Individuals who experience sleep disorders including insomnia and sleep apnea should always consult their healthcare provider before taking Tongkat Ali before bed. However, studies have found some links between the consumption of Tongkat Ali and the improvement of mild sleep disorders, including insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea. 

Generally speaking, these studies have considered the ongoing use of Tongkat Ali across a recommended daily dose, rather than bedtime usage. For this reason, it’s recommended that individuals who experience sleeping disorders should avoid taking Tongkat Ali after 5 pm to experience potential sleep benefits. 

Recommended Dosage

Studies into the sleep benefits of Tongkat Ali have generally centered around a dosage of 200-400 mg daily. Doses between 100-200 mg tend to reveal the best results for sleep improvements. However, recommended dosage amounts vary across products and users, and should be determined with the help of a trained healthcare provider. This is especially crucial as some high doses of Tongkat Ali have been linked to unwanted side effects like insomnia. 

Generally, users should begin on a low dosage of Tongkat Ali before increasing according to their needs. Recommended doses tend to vary according to things like –

  • A user’s age
  • Any pre-existing health conditions
  • Individual needs 

Different formats of Tongkat Ali will contain different dosages. For instance, powder dosages tend to be between 50-200 mg daily, while capsules are more likely to contain 200-300 mg. Users consuming Tongkat Ali before bed may, therefore, prefer to consume low-dose powders, or drinks that can be tailored to unique sleep needs. 

The Benefits of Taking Tongkat Ali Before Bed

Stress Reduction

Tongkat Ali can significantly improve a user’s mood by reducing stress levels. This was highlighted in a human study of 63 individuals. After participants consumed a standard hot water extract of Tongkat Ali over four weeks of the study, a 16% reduction in cortisol levels (the stress hormone) was identified in saliva samples. 

High levels of stress can significantly impair sleep, meaning that stress reductions may improve sleep latency, quality, and duration. Quality sleep itself can further reduce cortisol and stress levels. This can result in a far higher quality of sleep for users who consume Tongkat Ali daily over extended periods.

Sexual Health and Libido

A 12-week placebo-controlled study revealed a 14% higher sexual libido across individuals given doses of Tongkat Ali. Sperm volume across the case group also increased by 18.2% after treatment. 

Individuals who take Tongkat Ali before bed may enjoy improvements in several areas of sexual health, including libido, fertility, and sperm volume. In males, these improvements are thought to occur because of Tongkat Ali’s testosterone-boosting benefits. Fertility improvements can also be seen across female users. It’s believed that this is due to Tongkat Ali’s ability to regulate hormonal balance. 

Testosterone Boosting

Testosterone’s effects aren’t limited to sexual health. Testosterone also plays a key role in the timing and organization of the body’s circadian rhythms. For this reason, low levels of testosterone are commonly linked to issues that include poor sleep quality or duration. 

Tongkat Ali’s ability to increase testosterone levels is well-known. It can be seen from studies including one that revealed normal testosterone levels in 90% of men who had experienced late-onset hypogonadism (LOH), or testosterone deficiency syndrome, pre-trial. 

Taking Tongkat Ali before bed can, therefore, improve sleep quality thanks to testosterone increases. Higher levels of testosterone can also contribute to users waking up feeling refreshed and energized. 

Potential Side Effects and Contraindications

Whether Tongkat Ali is consumed before bed or throughout the day, side effects and contraindications must be taken into account to ensure safe usage. As mentioned, it’s essential to take Tongkat Ali under the guidance of your healthcare provider at all times. 

Individuals who experience any side effects should report them and stop taking Tongkat Ali immediately. Side effects that could particularly impact sleep quality over time include – 

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Etc.

Long-term side effects to be aware of when taking Tongkat Ali also include potential DNA damage and mercury contamination.

Some individuals should also avoid taking Tongkat Ali due to potential health risks. These individuals include – 

  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • Individuals with high blood pressure
  • Anyone experiencing liver issues

Summary: Can I take Tongkat Ali before bed? 

  • Tongkat Ali may improve REM and non-REM sleep cycles
  • Users should take Tongkat Ali 15 minutes before going to bed
  • Individuals susceptible to insomnia should avoid taking Tongkat Ali any later than 5 pm
  • Benefits of Tongkat Ali may include stress reduction and testosterone increases
  • Studies into the full benefits of Tongkat Ali for sleep are ongoing
Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

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