Quick Info: What to take Tongkat Ali with? Tongkat Ali can be stacked with supplements such as Fadogia Agrestis or Ashwagandha.

What is Tongkat Ali? 

Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma Longifolia, is a natural herbal supplement that originates in Southeast Asia. While it is used within many traditional medical practices in this region, it is mostly known for its aphrodisiac qualities. For example, it can help to improve hormonal balance, especially when it comes to testosterone production. This means that it can boost fertility, or be used within the treatment of conditions such as erectile dysfunction. However, in addition to improving the user’s sex drive or libido, studies have also found that it can “reduce fatigue and improve well-being.” 

As such, Tongkat Ali has become a popular supplement among the fitness community, alongside those keen to address issues relating to their fertility or sex drive. 

While this supplement can be used on its own, many users choose to supplement stack Tongkat Ali with other natural supplements. 

How to take Tongkat Ali? 

If you are interested in supplementing with Tongkat Ali, it is vital that you: 

How to take Tongkat Ali

Typically, Tongkat Ali is available in three variations: capsules, powder, or liquid (tea).

Tongkat Ali Capsules. Tongkat Ali capsules are concentrated forms of the supplement, made when the essential compounds (such as Quassinoids and Triterpenes) are extracted from the root of the plant. 

Tongkat Ali Powder. Tongat Ali powders are again made from the root of the plant. However, in order to make this form of the supplement, the root is dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder can then be dissolved in water as an effervescent. This is one of the more traditional methods of consumption.

Tongkat Ali Liquid (Tea). In Southeast Asia, the Tongkat Ali roots are boiled in water to create tea. Again, this is a more traditional method of consumption and is said to have a bitter or earthy taste. 

There are currently no studies in place which suggest one form of supplementation is better than the other. As such, it is often down to user discretion on which option to consider. For example, many consumers prefer the capsule/tablet form due to Tongkat Ali’s distinctive, earthy taste. 

The amount of Tongkat Ali that you should consume varies depending on a variety of factors, including age, health, and the reasoning behind your supplementation. For example, if consumed as an aphrodisiac, it is typically advised that 200-300mg of Tongkat Ali supplements are taken daily. Higher dosages are more suited to those looking to boost athletic performance or muscle growth and retention. 

When supplementing with Tongkat Ali, it is typically advised that you do so after eating. Doing so can help you see more benefits while also reducing potential side effects caused by consuming supplements on an empty stomach. This could otherwise lead to feelings of nausea or an upset stomach.

Many of those taking supplements chose to take them at breakfast or earlier in the day. However, they can be consumed at any time, and the benefits will remain the same.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Those with pre-existing health conditions should speak to a medical professional ahead of time before supplementing with Tongkat Ali, especially if they are on medication. 
  • Tongkat Ali is available in three variations: capsules, powder, and liquid.
  • It is typically advised that 200-300mg of Tongkat Ali supplements are taken daily.
  • Tongkat Ali should not be consumed on an empty stomach.
  • Tongkat Ali should be consumed with water where possible.

What is Supplement Stacking?

Supplement stacking is a common practice among athletes or those trying to better their health. When supplement stacking, users take multiple complementary supplements simultaneously to maximize their benefits or see quicker results. For example, taking a specific combination of supplements is a common practice within fertility treatments worldwide for both male and female patients. 

Tongkat Ali Stacks: What to take with Tongkat Ali? 

Typically, Tongkat Ali is best stacked with the following natural supplements: 

  • Fadogia Agrestis
  • Ashwagandha

However, it is also paired with other supplements such as Zinc and Maca, though not as frequently. For this reason, there are fewer scientific studies or reports in place that explore the benefits of this particular combination in supplement stacking.

Fadogia Agrestis 

What is Fadogia Agrestis? 

Fadogia Agrestis, known more commonly as Fadogia, is a natural supplement which originates from Western Africa, more specifically Nigeria. Much like Tongkat Ali, its usage throughout traditional medicine is typically as an aphrodisiac or libido booster. For example, one study found that Fadogia Agrestis can increase blood-testosterone levels or regulate the production of these hormones.

An increase in blood testosterone levels can also help with muscle-building, while the supplement itself is often used as a permanence enhancer among athletes such as weight lifters.

Why should you take Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis?

Supplement stacking Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis is typical among male consumers looking to boost their fertility or to tackle common issues such as erectile dysfunction or low sex drives due to their well-documented aphrodisiac qualities. 

How to take Tongkat Ali with Fadogia Agrestis? 

If you are considering supplement stacking with a combination of Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis, you may be able to find capsules, powders or liquids that contain a pre-mixed combination of both supplements. This makes it easier to ensure that you are getting the balance just right, thus maximizing the potential benefits. 

If taking both supplements separately, be sure to pay close attention to your dosage and consult the manufacturer, provider, or a healthcare professional to ensure that you are taking these supplements safely.


What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha, or Withania somnifera, is a herb derived from an evergreen shrub that grows primarily in Asia or Africa. For centuries, it was a common ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine, used to help treat a range of healthcare complaints. However, it is most typically used to reduce stress. 

Various studies have explored the link between Ashwagandha consumption and the reduction of stress and anxiety. One study published by Psychcentral reported that “ashwagandha is thought to reduce stress by working on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis,” which alters how your body responds to certain stressors. A further study found that it can reduce the body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which is typically associated with stress.

Why should you take Tongkat Ali with Ashwagandha?

Supplementing with Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha is reported to improve the overall health and well-being of the consumer. Again, it is a popular combination among those looking to boost their fertility. After all, while not touted as an aphrodisiac, ashwagandha can help to balance hormones, which can also improve fertility. 

A combination of Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha is often considered particularly useful for those looking to improve their testosterone levels. However, some users have found that it also improves their energy levels, sports performance, and cognitive function, alongside other, lesser documented benefits. 

How to take Tongkat Ali with Ashwagandha? 

Again, there are many pre-mixed Tongkat Ali stacks that contain a mixture of Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha available for purchase. This makes it much easier for those who may be known to supplement stacking to find the right balance of both ingredients and enjoy the benefits. 

Alternatively, those looking to supplement with both Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha can purchase both supplements separately. However, in these cases, dosages must be carefully studied, and you must follow the guidance of the manufacturer in order to protect your best interests.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Tongkat Ali is a popular herbal supplement known for its health-boosting benefits, especially when it comes to fertility and libido. However, it is also used to improve endurance and muscle growth.
  • Tongkat Ali can be consumed alongside a variety of other natural supplements that serve similar functions in order to enhance its benefits or to see quicker results. 
  • The most popular supplements to stack alongside Tongkat Ali include Fadogia Agrestis and Ashwagandha. However, it is sometimes paired with other supplements such as Zinc or Maca. 
  • There are pre-mixed variations of Tongkat Ali and Ashwagandha and Togkat Ali and Fadogia available for purchase, making it easier to monitor your dodge and see the benefits of both supplements. However, users can also supplement stack these products independently.

Summary: What to take Tongkat Ali with? 

  • Food & water
  • Fadogia Agrestis
  • Ashwagandha
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Adil Maqbool, Medical MD

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