Which Tongkat Ali to buy? Top brands include Applied Nutrition, British supplements, Nootropics Depot, SOLARAY, Double Wood, Toniiq, Nutricost, and Momentous.

What types of Tongkat Ali supplements are available?

Before buying any Tongkat Ali supplements, it is critical to understand the market. Products can differ substantially from each other.

Manufacturers provide the herb in various formats, often as an extract. Standard forms include:

  • Capsules
  • Powders with standardized extracts (containing equal proportions of active ingredients)
  • Tablets that disintegrate or dissolve in the mouth
  • Various powdered whole or extracted Tongkat Ali
  • Liquid extracts
  • Tinctures

Tips For Choosing A Tongkat Ali Brand

Supplement quality can vary wildly from one Tongkat Ali brand to the next. Therefore, it is critical to choose wisely. Some products will have desirable effects while others may do nothing or even cause harm.

Tips For Choosing A Tongkat Ali Brand

Check The Dosage

Tongkat Ali supplement dosages can vary substantially between brands. While 200 mg to 600 mg is the standard dose in human trials, manufacturers often provide supplements up to 1,000 mg.

You should consult with your doctor on adequate dosing. Healthcare professionals can help you calibrate your intake and check for toxicity. As yet, there is no widely agreed-upon dosage.

Choose The Proper Form

You should also check that your Tongkat Ali comes in a suitable form. For example, capsules can be more convenient than powders. But liquid extracts could be the best option if you struggle to swallow pills.

Research The Brands

Another tip is to research Tongkat Ali brands (something we help you do here) by reading reviews. Find out whether a vendor does third-party testing or has Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

You can also check reviews to see if customers notice benefits from taking the supplement. Tongkat Ali should boost mood, improve libido, and add muscle mass. It should also support energy more generally, helping people feel their best.

Check Ingredient Quality

Finally, check ingredient quality when choosing a Tongkat Ali supplement. Ensure the brand lists the product’s eurycomanone content in milligrams so you can see how much active ingredient you are getting.

Also, see whether the brand is “wild-crafted” or organic. These products minimize pesticide exposure and reduce chemical load.

The Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Brands

So, what are the best Tongkat Ali supplement brands on the market? Let’s take a look.

The Best Tongkat Ali Supplement Brands

Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition sells a full-spectrum Tongkat Ali supplement with added Astragin for maximum absorption. The company packages the supplement in a 100:1 ratio, with extract equivalent to 120,000 mg of the plant’s root raw, and continually tests and trials its formulations to improve them. Capsules are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Applied Nutrition retains all of Tongkat Ali’s bio-active compounds in its formulation, including eurycomanone (1%), eurypeptides (22%), and glycosaponins (40%). This combination of naturally occurring compounds may improve the supplement’s potency, enabling it to work synergistically, improving over isolates.

British Supplements

British Supplements sells a similar capsule but at a higher concentration. The brand derives 669 mg of extract from each 133,800 mg of raw Tongkat Ali.

The label’s main selling point is its “clean” approach. Its Tongkat Ali supplements avoid nasties and extras, making it among the purest formulations available. As such, it doesn’t contain coloring agents, preservatives, binders, emulsifiers, oils or anti-caking agents. It is also gluten-free, vegan, and packaged in BPA-free wrapping, so customers get close to 100% active ingredients (minus the capsule).

British Supplements says that it maintains this level of integrity by remaining a private company. It claims it has no intention to go public, presumably reducing stakeholder pressure to add fillers and other unnecessary bulk to its products.

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot is another option for men looking for performance-improving Tongkat Ali. The company prides itself on testing its ingredients to ensure consumers get the highest quality products.

For instance, the brand regularly conducts third-party testing of its products and those from its competitors to see if they contain the active ingredient, eurycomanone. Results suggest that its formulations achieve state ingredient specifications, but rivals’ products do not. Many competitor offerings contain less active ingredients than claimed on the packaging, with some lacking any eurycomanone content at all.

Interestingly, Nootropics Depot offers two unique Tongkat Ali products. Its full spectrum extract contains active ingredients and 2% eurycomanone, already higher than most other products on the market. But the more potent option is a concentrated extract with an astonishing 10% eurycomanone, designed for “confidence, assertiveness, and motivation.”

Nootropics Depot designs its supplements to work synergistically in stacks. Thus, it sells Tongkat Ali with other products, including zinc, horny goat weed, and cistanche tubulosa. All products are lab-tested with free shipping available on larger orders.


SOLARAY is another Tongkat Ali brand that unlocks male wellness and vitality. The company offers vegan-friendly, lab-verified capsules to ensure customers get the active ingredients stated on the label.

Each serving offers 400 mg of the whole root instead of an extract. This enables the brand to deliver a full-spectrum supplement, including additional bioactive compounds that might potentiate eurycomanone.

The company also focuses on non-GMO formulations, avoiding any genetic modification. The raw ingredients come from well-known growers and foragers in Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, SOLARAY does include some fillers in its “VegCap” pills. Extras include cellulose, magnesium stearate, rice bran extract, and silica (a drying agent).


Momentous is another Tongkat Ali brand worth considering that sells various bundles focusing on hormone support. Customers can sign up for subscriptions with deep discounts to help with budgeting.

Momentous’s unique selling point is its approach to sourcing. The company uses only certified 100% root powder from verified growers, ensuring the product remains pure.

The company also backs up the effectiveness of its Tongkat Ali supplements with research posted on its product pages. Customers can learn more about how each product can benefit them, based on the evidence. The brand even includes an endorsement from famed neuroscientist and YouTube star Dr. Andrew Huberman for the Tongkat Ali’s fertility and testosterone-enhancing properties.

However, like SOLARAY, Momentous’s supplement contains additional filler ingredients to bulk up tablets, including silica, magnesium stearate, rice flour, and hypromellose.


Nutricost sells a 200:1 Tongkat Ali supplement formulation in a vegetarian capsule. It claims 1,000 mg of Tongkat Ali per serving and like Momentous, you can subscribe and save up to 20%.

Nutricost includes Tribulus Terrestris in its formulation, a herb associated with boosting testosterone. Research suggests that it works synergistically with Tongkat Ali, enhancing their individual effects.

Nutricost also adds proprietary BioPerine to its formulation, a type of black pepper extract. This compound naturally assists in absorbing numerous herbal compounds, including Tongkat Ali.

Finally, Nutricost’s products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities. However, it still bulks them with additives, like di-calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, and silica.

Double Wood

Double Wood also sells a Tongkat Ali extract made in a U.S.-based facility. It uses the yellow variety of the plant instead of the red or black because of its purported higher potency.

Like Nutricost, Double Wood adds Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract to its 200:1 formulation to increase activity. Each serving contains 1020 mg of active ingredients to support healthy libido levels during aging. The brand also uses third-party testing for purity, establishing the quality of its methods. Customers can review results on third-party sites. The product is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO, though it still contains some fillers.


Finally, Toniiq sells Tongkat Ali in a 200:1 formulation, standardized to 2% eurycomanone, delivering 200 mg active ingredient per serving. One capsule equals roughly forty grams of raw Tongkat Ali root, complementing the company’s other product lines, including lion’s mane, maca root, and fadogia concentrates.

Like other companies, Toniiq markets its Tongkat Ali as an agent that can promote sexual wellness, boost immune function, and bolster the body’s stress defenses. However, what makes it unique is its five-point testing program. The brand painstakingly assesses its product and multiple stages to ensure purity and standardization.

For instance, the company uses microbiology assays to search for heavy metal contamination in raw materials. It also measures the active ingredient levels as the product moves through the production process, from raw ingredients to the finished product. Finally, it tests for the fill weight and heavy metals again before shipping. 

Summary: Which TongKat Ali brands to buy?

  • Applied Nutrition
  • British supplements
  • Nootropics Depot
  • Double Wood
  • Toniiq
  • Nutricost
  • Momentous
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